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The average consumer takes his or her time to read about a given product or service they are interested in buying. The most reliable source of information for them is people who are either around them, or people of their circle of friends trust. Magazines like the consumer report have also been instrumental in helping consumers shape behavior in the market place by recommending product sellers, real products, etc.

When these consumers move online, they expect to buy on a whim, from companies that may be as far away from home as possible. It is extremely important for these consumers to discover product and customer reviews in a place that doesn’t disrupt their buying cycle. Many e-commerce companies factor in the demand for this information by operating customer review sections on their product pages. The customer reviews work to enable buyers to make informed decisions.

Although reviews are rife online and offline, there are new Internet companies that are failing to provide reviews to their customers. They include essay writing companies which predominantly sell to students.

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Students and essay writing companies

There are an equally large number of essay writing companies as there are customers for those services. When students want to spend money on these services; they’re essentially staking their futures with these companies which means that they stand to lose more if things nosedive. Going through reviews online can help them avoid companies where chances of bad quality work are high. provides reviews that are a lot better than what these students can find on forums and other online dashboards.

Why review them

We have been helping essay writing companies discover essay services for a long time. The reason why we review essay writing companies it to ensure that students find highly recommended services in a very short while. In addition, we are also reviewing and rating paper writing companies to give those who have grievances about some of these companies to come warn their peers from making mistakes.

How it works

Since there are many students with something to say about essay writing companies they have used, we do our best to take their ratings and comments on this website. We use the ratings they provide to rank some of their favorites as well as nemeses. In addition, we ask our experts to review each company from an experts’ point of view, a factor that enriches our reviews from a lot of what students see out there.